Postdoctoral Fellows – National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) seeks up to three Advanced Study Program (ASP) postdoctoral fellows to work on projects related to the Rising Voices, Changing Coasts project ( positions will be based at NCAR in Boulder, Colorado with hybrid or fully remote work options. These are 2-year positions (1-year term with possibility for renewal of an additional year).

Haskell Indian Nations University has received $20 million in funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) to lead a new research hub where Indigenous knowledge-holders will work with university-trained scientists to address the impacts of a changing climate on their coastal communities. NCAR is a partner in this five-year grant to fund the Rising Voices, Changing Coasts (RVCC) Hub.

The RVCC-Hub goals are to:
1) co-create convergence research with social and earth sciences and Indigenous knowledge to improve modeling and prediction of coastal processes that support decision-making by Indigenous communities around mitigation and adaptation;2) develop a successful, inclusive framework for cross-cultural convergence research that can be adopted and adapted by future research collaborations;
3) broaden participation amongst Indigenous students and researchers, and train a new generation of diverse convergence research scientists;
4) increase administrative and technological infrastructure to support current and future research with and by Indigenous scientists and communities.The place-based research is focused on four regions: Alaska (Arctic), Louisiana (Gulf of Mexico), Hawai’i (Pacific Islands), and Puerto Rico (Caribbean Islands). Three broad topic areas of interest are Changing Coastal Weather, Coastal Erosion and Flooding, and Coastal Ecosystems.

The ASP-RVCC postdoctoral fellows will join the community of the Advanced Study Program ( and conduct independent or collaborative, culturally relevant research as related to the RVCC-Hub priorities and questions, and contribute to the RVCC goals.

Projects relevant to the coastal_list community could be mentored by Melissa Moulton (coastal oceanography and hazards), Kyle Mandli (storm surge, tsunamis), or any of the other scientists on the RVCC team. Applicants are encouraged to contact the ASP Science Advisor Scott Landolt ( or NCAR EdEC Director Rebecca Haacker ( for questions about the positions and potential projects and mentors.

Salary: $73,000/ annually in year 1, with a small increase in year 2
Flexible start date
Deadline to apply: September 18, 2023
Required application materials:

·         An expanded cover letter (up to three pages ok), should include a research interest statement

·         Curriculum Vitae

·         Name of three recommenders

·         Inclusion statement

To apply please go to:–Changing-Coasts-Postdoctoral-Fellow_REQ-2023-242-1

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