Postdoctoral Fellow Position – URI

A Postdoctoral Fellow Position is available in Physical Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island (URI).  Please bring this to the attention of colleagues and students who have recently completed or will soon complete their Ph.D. and all who may meet the qualifications. 

The Postdoc will work collaboratively with Professors Kathleen Donohue and Randolph Watts at the Graduate School of Oceanography – URI, and Drs. Clark Rowley and Prasad Thoppil at the US Naval Research Laboratory – Stennis Spaceflight Center.  

A key gap exists in forecasting of ocean currents and thermal structure: Almost all input data for model assimilation are from near-surface measurements.  This arises because until recently in the ocean only surface data have been available in near real time. In contrast, in the atmosphere barometric pressures and observational profiles of wind vectors and dynamic properties are available through the full air column on a grid of sites at suitable spatial and temporal resolution.  

The basic goal for this Postdoc is to develop and extend numerical forecast models for the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current system, with focus upon assimilating observed strong variable currents and bottom pressures.

Required Qualifications:

  1. PhD. in physical oceanography, or meteorology or related field, by time of appointment.
  2. Demonstrated ability to conduct research and development, as indicated for example by publication of reports and in peer-reviewed journals.
  3. Demonstrated strong oral and written communication skills. 
  4. Must be US citizen or have a green card, to have access to NRL computer systems.
  5. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups/ populations.

Please note: Job applications must be submitted directly online only at .

For details click on Professional Staff and choose Professional Staff Historical. Position SF01145.

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