Postdoctoral Fellow – NCAR’s Climate and Global Dynamics (CGD) Laboratory

Job Description Summary:

NCAR’s Climate and Global Dynamics (CGD) Laboratory is excited to announce the job opening for a Postdoctoral Fellow. This position will focus on understanding the dynamics and scale-interactions contributing to sea surface temperature variability in the tropical Pacific and contribute to the planning of a future field campaign in the region. The Postdoctoral Fellow will be responsible for conducting independent and collaborative research on ocean dynamics and air-sea interaction in the tropical Pacific, identifying locations and processes that need observational guidance to be better represented in climate models, leading to results to be published in scientific journals. The goals of the present work are, first, to investigate dynamical processes in the Pacific Equatorial Cold Tongue (ECT) in a hierarchy of numerical models and observations, and second to characterize the space- and time-scales and the dynamics of upwelling and its process-level connection to mixing. The results of these studies will contribute to the design of planned in situ process studies of equatorial physics, and in turn to the redesign of the Tropical Pacific Observing System (TPOS).

The position is within the Oceanography Section of CGD at NCAR’s Mesa Laboratory in Boulder, CO. It will also involve collaboration with external researchers and agencies. The position is for two years, with the second-year conditional on first year performance. For more information please contact the PI Dr Deppenmeier at  More information about CGD can be found online at

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