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The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) has an immediate opening for a 4-year position as postdoctoral fellow in the research group Oceanography and Climate. The position is located in Tromsø, and the work will be conducted as part of a broad IMR team that conducts research along the Norwegian coast, combining field observations and results from numerical ocean models.

The Institute of Marine Research has large responsibilities as a governmental advisor on issues relating to the environmental effect of aquaculture on fjord- and coastal ecology, among others. A good understanding of the physical environmental conditions is fundamental for providing scientific-based advice on coastal marine management.

We seek a person with a good understanding of hydrodynamic fjord circulation to work in a strong inter-disciplinary research environment in the largest city of Northern Norway. The candidate should have experience with ocean modelling and preferably in coastal areas, and be able to modify and run, as well as analyze results from our numerical modelling tools, presently the ROMS model system. It is expected that the candidate will participate in conduction and planning of field campaigns to collect data of hydrography and ocean currents. Also, important is the ability to present and explain the resulting information for colleagues at the IMR, stakeholders, and the general public, as well as publishing the results in scientific journals and at conferences.


The requirements for the position are:

  • PhD or equivalent in physical oceanography or related disciplines
  • experience with numerical ocean circulation models.
  • ability to present scientific results in both oral and written forms.
  • ability to work independently and in a team.

Additionally, the candidate should demonstrate the following:

  • a good understanding of the ocean dynamics in fjords and in coastal areas.
  • a will to familiarize with ecological issues.
  • programming skills.

Further, experience with FORTRAN, Unix/Linux, and Matlab or Python, is an advantage.

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