Postdoc in Fully Coupled Earth System Tidal Modeling at LANL

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Fully Coupled Earth System Tidal Modeling

T-3 Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics, Los Alamos National Laboratory

LANL Position IRC73202

What You Will Do

We seek a postdoctoral scientist with a background in physics, mathematics, oceanic, cryospheric or planetary sciences to implement oceanic tides in the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) and study the consequences of tidal variations on coupled polar and global climate. The successful applicant will work with mentors specializing in high-resolution fully coupled cryospheric and oceanic modeling, and will be encouraged to build an independent scientific career through lead authorship of publications, presentations at international conferences, and active participation in community workshops. The postdoc will be guided in tidal modeling within the world’s top-10 computing facilities. The successful applicant will be encouraged to develop strong expertise in signal processing to analyze modeled tides in ice-covered oceans, including taking a leading role in designing cutting-edge methods to emulate altimetric satellites to sample sea ice and sea-surface height within E3SM, especially for drawing comparisons with ICESat-2 and Jason-3 measurements. Outcomes from this work will help to develop an understanding of the contribution of tides to Arctic, Antarctic and global weather and climate variability, coastal inundation, and mixing. The work is expected to inform observational system design for remote oceanic regions with significant tidal variations.

Who you will work with:

This postdoctoral position is within the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Theoretical Division (T-Division). LANL is a multidisciplinary research institution engaged in science and engineering on behalf of national security, and includes a vibrant research team developing advanced ocean, ice and terrestrial models for the study of the earth as a complex adaptive system, including interactions leading to climate change. The laboratory’s earth system science area currently has more than 15 postdoctoral fellows and a staff exceeding 30 scientists spanning multiple laboratory divisions. The postdoctoral fellow selected for this position will be based in T-Division Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics, working with staff scientists including Andrew Roberts and Phillip Wolfram, and will be co-mentored by Brian Arbic at the University of Michigan. The selected scientist will be strongly encouraged to interact with researchers at other DOE laboratories and international scientists working on coupled tidal modeling.

What You Need

Desired Skills:

  • A demonstrated ability to disseminate your research through written and oral communication.
  • Previous tidal modeling could be an advantage, but we are equally as interested in an enthusiastic and creative applicant shifting from a different research area.
  • Expertise in current or emerging computer programming languages compatible with high-performance computing (e.g. Fortran90, C, C++, Julia); expertise in scripting or data-analysis languages (e.g. Unix scripting, Python, MATLAB, R).


A Ph.D. in the fields of geophysics, fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, earth system science, cryospheric or planetary modeling, computational science, physics, or applied mathematics.

Notes to Applicants:

Please include with your application a curriculum vitae, names of three references, and a cover letter detailing qualifications and research interests that are specific to the job requirements outlined in this advertisement. In your application, please describe your most important Ph.D. thesis outcome or publication and how it has contributed to an understanding of the research field it addressed.

Additional Details:

Position does not require a security clearance. Selected candidates will be subject to drug testing and other pre-employment background checks.

New-Employment Drug Test: The Laboratory requires successful applicants to complete a new-employment drug test and maintains a substance abuse policy that includes random drug testing.

Candidates may be considered for a Director’s Postdoc Fellowship and outstanding candidates may be considered for the prestigious Richard P. Feynman, Darleane Christian Hoffman, J. Robert Oppenheimer, or Frederick Reines Distinguished Postdoc Fellowships.

For general information go to Postdoc Program .

Where You Will Work

Located in beautiful mountainous northern New Mexico, LANL solves problems related to energy, environment, infrastructure, health, and global security.

Further Information

Please contact Andrew Roberts in T-3 for further information at, and visit, searching for position IRC73202

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