Post-doctoral Position with British Antarctic Survey

Post-doctoral researcher positions will be joint between Schlumberger Cambridge Research and British Antarctic Survey.

The Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing group at Schlumberger Cambridge Research together with the Polar Oceans programme at the British Antarctic Survey are inviting applications for a 2 year post-doctoral research position involved in developing methods for ocean current estimation. Schlumberger’s seismic survey vessels tow several kilometres of streamers behind them and they have developed inverse mathematical model methods to invert the dynamic streamer measurements (such as tension, shape, and lateral steering forces) for local ocean current estimates at scales of tens of metres to a few kilometres. The work will involve reviewing and developing this theory, improving the existing code and testing it on modelled and real data. The resulting current models will be useful for improving streamer position accuracy and position prediction as well as improving numerous vessel operating efficiencies. The current information will also be integrated with independent ancillary oceanographic data from shipboard and satellite sources to investigate submesoscale processes in the ocean and their parameterisation in climate models.

Qualifications: The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. or equivalent experience in mathematics, fluid dynamics or physics, and preferably a knowledge of geophysical methods. Considerable numerical mathematical and programming skills are required as well as handling large volumes of real data.

Duration: 2 year fixed term appointment

Salary: Salary will be in the range of £26,180 to £29,410 per annum. We offer a generous benefits package including a defined salary pension scheme, free car parking, flexible working hours and 30 days annual leave.

Further details and application forms:

Closing date for receipt of application forms is 1st May 2011 Interviews are scheduled to be held w/c 23rd May 2011

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