Post-doctoral fellowship – Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics

Nordita, the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, invites applications for a post-doctoral fellowship stipend in theoretical physics associated to the research program funded by the VR  Starting Grant “Understanding the emergence of large scale coherence in turbulent flows” of  Nordita Assistant Professor Dr. Cristobal Arratia.

The research program is focused on developing theoretical models to explain the organization of turbulent flows at large scales in situations involving the breaking of a continuous symmetry. The position involves analytical and numerical work on the formulation and implementation of these models. Particular physical situations to be described comprise gravity wave excitation in free surface flow and pattern formation in wall bounded shear flow. Relevant theoretical approaches involved in this project include stability analysis, multiscale expansions, bifurcation theory, amplitude equations, Reynolds decomposition, quasilinear approximations and stochastic modelling. The position will involve active participation in the soft matter group at Nordita and possibilities for local and external collaboration. 

The successful candidate must hold a PhD in physics, applied mathematics, mechanical engineering or a related field, with an adequate expertise in fluid dynamics and proficiency with computational methods. A research record in hydrodynamic instabilities is a plus.
Applications are to be submitted online:

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