Physical Scientist – NOAA AOML

Position Announcement A new Physical Scientist position to manage Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory’s (AOML’s) Argo Data Assembly Center (DAC) has been advertised on USAjobs (OAR-24-12155273-DHA). This federal employee position is advertised at a ZP-3/4 level and will be open through October 30, 2023. At the ZP-4 level, the incumbent will lead a team in the coordination and implementation of AOML’s Argo DAC, performing real-time data management of core and biogeochemical Argo profiling float data, managing project milestones and budgets from planning through design, implementation, operations, and upkeep of assigned programs, and serving as a subject matter expert for the Argo data processing system. Other tasks are detailed in the full advertisement. The ZP-3 level is developmental leading to the ZP-4 level performance.

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