PhD and Postdoc positions – Collaborative Research Centre TRR 181 “Energy Transfers in Atmosphere and Ocean”

Several PhD and PostDoc positions that will be offered (under the condition of job release and grant by the funding party; decision is expected by the end of the month) at different universities and research institutes in northern Germany in the framework of our collaborative research center TRR 181 „Energy transfers in atmosphere and ocean“. The positions will begin early next year and applications are invited already now to ensure administrations have enough time to set up the contracts by then.

The positions cover different aspects of energy transfers in the fields of oceanography, meteorology, and mathematics. We would like to highlight in particular those PhD positions co-supervised by Dirk Olbers, Janna Köhler and Friederike Pollmann.

There will be two PhD positions on internal wave dynamics, wave-induced turbulent mixing, and the improvement of the internal wave model IDEMIX in subproject W4 (located in Hamburg and Bremen), one PhD position on eddy-internal wave interactions in subproject W2 (located in Bremen), and two PhD positions on energy transfers in gravity currents and internal tide energetics in the Weddell Sea in subproject T3 (located in Bremerhaven).
Links to the specific job advertisements are available (or will be published during the next days) on

The website also offers information on general aims and previous work of the different subprojects and of course we are also happy to answer any questions directly

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