Oceanographic scientist – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Science Systems and Applications, Inc (SSAI) is seeking an experienced Oceanographic scientist to support NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). This position contributes to the overall validation and evaluation of reanalysis and seasonal forecasting products, with an emphasis on developing software capabilities to assess and display circulation patterns associated with the oceanic flow, including the interactions with the atmosphere during extreme events, (e.g., ENSO, heavy precipitation; hurricanes) and documenting these in the NASA systems.

Specific duties will include participating in the evaluation of reanalysis datasets by developing and/or implementing established analysis techniques (compositing, pattern recognition algorithms) into a newly developed plotting and display package. Work with the reanalysis team to assess and evaluate the structure of the mean oceanic circulation and its variability, including how interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere are represented.   Any code developments will be made available to the project for further applications, including thorough documentation of the software, and use the resultant fields for scientific analyses.

Adapt these same techniques for use in the seasonal forecasting system, to provide quantitative diagnostics of the monthly anomalies and the likelihood of extreme weather events occurring over the globe over the future nine months. Collaborate with the Seasonal Forecasting team to help provide quantitative assessments of the seasonal forecasts and to help assess the quality/skill of hindcasts conducted with new versions of the seasonal systems.

Required Qualifications:

  • This position requires a PhD in Oceanic Science or a related field with at least two years of experience in a research and applications environment, to include climate-related studies or an equivalent combination of education and experience. 
  • Must be familiar with Fortran and have experience developing and modifying scripts in a supercomputer environment.
  • Must also be familiar with standard Earth system data formats (HDF, NetCDF, etc.) and processing techniques.
  • The ideal person will also work well in a team environment and be comfortable presenting results to various audiences.
  • Ability to obtain the physical and IT access for the NASA GSFC

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience with NASA systems and research organizations is highly desired, as is experience with ocean modeling and data analysis. 
  • Experience programming in python and developing applications-related software is also desired.


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