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Mercator Ocean is the French ocean analysis and forecasting centre. It designs, develops, operates and maintains state-of-the-art scientific numerical-modelling systems that are able to describe, analyse and forecast the state of the ocean in 3D, continuously and in real time. Mercator Ocean is a subsidiary of French public institutions and European organisms involved in the development of operational oceanography – CNRS, IFREMER, IRD, Meteo France and SHOM are the French public institutions and CMCC (Italy), MetOffice (United Kingdom), NERSC (Norway) and Puertos Del Estado (Spain) are the European organisms.

Mercator Ocean’s activities extend from R&D to operational systems and from forecasters expertise to services provided worldwide to users (scientists, public agencies, industry, etc.). The company is located at Ramonville Saint-Agne, near Toulouse.

In November 2014, the European Commission delegated the setting-up of the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service to Mercator Ocean. The service is provided and ensured since spring 2015.

To participate in the development of our international projects, we are now looking for a 18 months term contract:

Oceanographer specialised in ocean atmosphere coupling (M/F)

Within the “Research and Development” Department you will be responsible for developing a new coupled ocean-atmosphere configuration at high resolution (2.5km) covering the North East Atlantic and Western Mediterranean areas, and for the production and validation of hindcasts experiments:

  •  You will develop the high resolution oceanic configuration with the NEMO modelling
    platform and the corresponding atmospheric configuration with the AROME model.
  • You will set up the coupling between the oceanic and atmospheric components with the
    OASIS coupler and SURFEX and you will validate both technically and scientifically the chosen coupling strategy.
  • You will perform ocean/atmosphere coupled experiments and qualify the hindcasts in
    regards to different oceanic (weak and strong stratification) and atmospheric (calm and
    stormy periods) conditions.
  • You will guarantee the documentation of the implemented developments and you will
    participate in the scientific exploitation of results in conferences and workshops at the
    national and international levels and in writing scientific peer-reviewed publications.

After five years of higher education or a PhD with a minimum of 3 years of professional experience (including PhD thesis) in physical oceanography and/or ocean-atmosphere coupling, you have strong skills in the use of oceanic and/or atmospheric models (NEMO and AROME being the models used in this forthcoming development).

You have strong skills in oceanography and developed proficiency in scientific computing, in
programming languages (in particular Fortran) and in the use of supercomputers.

Rigorous, well-organized and responsive, your skills and your ideas will contribute to ambitious
projects and to international collaborations to be initiated. Your innovative abilities and your results will contribute to teams optimizing performance of methods and systems. You speak and write English fluently.

Send your letter stating your reasons for applying, including a detailed CV as well as letters of
recommendation with the reference 2018-04/RD/OCOA to: recruitment@mercator-ocean.fr no later than November 2, 2018.

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