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A recent study by Kieran Snyder published in Fortune magazine took a look at performance reviews of males and females.  While double blind studies have long shown gender bias in hiring practices, this study looks at negative feedback, and also highlights the critical look at personality traits to which women are held accountable. The article states:


“The study speaks to the impossible tightrope women must walk to do their jobs competently and to make tough decisions while simultaneously coming across as nice to everyone, all the time. But the findings also point to something else: If a woman wants to do substantive work of any kind, she’s going to be criticized — with comments not just about her work but also about herself. She must develop a way of experiencing criticism that allows her to persevere in the face of it.”

Read more about Snyders’s study, and suggestions to address the pattern of systematic bias:

The New York Times articlehttp://nyti.ms/YsGaQW
Fortune article: http://fortune.com/2014/08/26/performance-review-gender-bias/


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