Webinar Videos

Career pathways combining education with oceanography with with Kristi Burkholder (Stonehill College), Mirjam Glessmer (GEO-Tag der Natur) and Meg Tivey (WHOI) 

Tegan Blaine webinar on: Career paths in Policy and NGOs

Tegan Blaine – Career Paths in Policy and NGOs-20201110 2000-1 from MPOWIR on Vimeo.

Susan Lozier webinar on: Leading People and Projects

Nidia Martinez webinar on: Careers in Industry


Colleen Mouw’s webinar on: Writing and Productivity.

Claudia Benitez-Nelson’s webinar on: Growing Your Leadership Presence.

Fiamma Straneo’s webinar on: Expanding your research connections, managing concurrent projects, and growing your collaborative network.

Fiamma Straneo – December 4, 2017 from MPOWIR on Vimeo.

Kim Cobb’s webinar on: Maintaining momentum in your research and maximizing the impact of your work.

Kim Cobb – May 2, 2017 from MPOWIR on Vimeo.