Webinar Series

The support MPOWIR provides has been cited by many participants to be highly impactful and a unique resource unavailable to them through other avenues.  Once an individual begins their first permanent position, it is often assumed that the new institution will provide career development and support resources.  While these resources may exist at some institutions, they are not universal across all institutions.  Further, some individuals may find themselves a minority in their unit/institution, unlike what they may have experienced in graduate school or during their post-doctoral experience.  To continue to support these individuals and to fill a need articulated at the 2016 Ocean Sciences town hall, we propose to host 2 webinars per year on pressing early- to mid-career topics.  These sessions are envisioned to be a panel style discussion where panelists briefly share their ideas on the selected topic followed by an open discussion with all participants.

Goal: Provide continued support to “graduated” MPOWIR participants and expand our gender-neutral offerings by providing a venue for idea sharing and open discussion on pressing early career topics.

Format: Webinars will open with a 20 minute presentation, followed by questions and discussion.

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Next Webinar will be in Fall, 2018.

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