NOAA Internship

The goal of the NOAA MPOWIR internship program is to familiarize junior women in the field of physical oceanography with the research conducted at the NOAA labs and to afford NOAA scientists the opportunity to work with a graduate student on a project of joint interest. Each year, two junior scientists will be chosen for an internship at either AOML, GFDL or PMEL. The students will be integrated into an ongoing program of mutual interest for a period of 8 to 10 weeks. The students will be supervised and mentored by a designated NOAA researcher. Prior to the start of the internship, the students will communicate with their supervisor about the details of their project with the goal of a co-authored publication.

To be considered for this opportunity, applicants must be female scientists currently enrolled in a graduate program at a U.S. institution and self-identify as a physical oceanographer.

The internship includes funds for lodging and travel.  The awarding of the internships is contingent of availability of funds in May of 2013.

To apply, choose a project from the list below and write a one-page description of your research interests and how they overlap with the selected project.  If you would like to propose your own internship project, please visit AOML (, PMEL ( or GFDL ( to see a list of research areas and write a one-page proposal for your project.  This proposal will be forwarded to the appropriate NOAA scientist.  We also ask that you please provide the contact information for your advisor/supervisor to confirm that he/she supports a 10 week leave of absence from your current duties.

2013 Available Opportunities:

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  • NOAA AOML: Global Drifter Program – Miami, FL. Primary supervisor: Rick Lumpkin
  • NOAA AOML: Western Boundary Time Series Program – Miami, FL. Primary supervisors: Christopher Meinen and Molly Baringer
  • NOAA AOML: South Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation – Miami, FL. Primary supervisors: Renellys Perez and Shenfu Dong
  • NOAA AOML: The international Argo project collects quasi-Lagrangian and hydrographic data in the global oceans – Miami, FL. Primary supervisor: Claudia Schmid
  • NOAA AOML: Variability of the circulation in the upper and intermediate depths of the South Atlantic Ocean – Miami, FL.
    Primary supervisor: Claudia Schmid
  • NOAA-GFDL: Numerical simulation of ocean mixing – Princeton, NJ. Primary Supervisor: Sonya Legg
  • NOAA-GFDL: Tropical Pacific climate and variability – Princeton, NJ. Primary supervisor: Andrew Wittenberg
  • NOAA‐GFDL: Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation – Princeton, NJ. Primary Supervisor: Rong Zhang
  • NOAA-PMEL: Ocean Climate Stations Program – Seattle, WA. Primary supervisor: Meghan Cronin

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