Mentor Group Leaders

Mona Behl, University of Georgia

Associate Director of Georgia Sea Grant 

Mentoring Interests:

Paula Fratantoni, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Chief, Oceans and Climate Branch

Mentoring Interests: Unconventional career paths, work/life balance, developing emotional intelligence

Kim Martini, Tini Scientific

Founder and CEO

Mentoring Interests: Careers outside academia, work-life balance, dual body problem, LGBTQIA+

Colleen Mouw, University of Rhode Island

Associate Dean for Diversity and Academic Affairs, Graduate School
Associate Professor, Oceanography

Mentoring Interests:

Hilary Palevsky, Boston College

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Assistant Professor

Mentoring Interests: LGBTQ+ identity, academic two-body job search, developing undergraduate teaching skills, navigating unsupportive and/or discriminatory work environments

Sally Warner, Brandeis University

Associate Professor of Climate Science

Mentoring Interests: Finding and working in teaching-focused academic positions, working with undergraduates, innovative teach pedagogy, field work, and anything else related to research and careers in Physical Oceanography.

Erin Hackett, Coastal Carolina University


Mentoring Interests: I enjoy mentoring most in the areas of career pathways and work-life balance, but am happy to talk on nearly any topic.

Kristen Thyng, Axiom Data Science

MetOcean Data Scientist

Unconventional career paths, work/life balance, careers outside academia