Federal Programs and Fellowships that Provide Support for Graduate Students and Scientists

Lewis-Burke Associates have created two comprehensive documents listing policy fellowships available for graduate students.

Federal Programs That Support Graduate Students:
The first document contains a list of federal government scholarship, fellowship, and internship programs geared towards graduate students in the sciences. The document is organized by agency, and includes programs that fund students individually and programs through which a university can receive support for a collection of students.  Details on each program, such as the fields of science covered and the citizenship requirements for the awardees are also included.

Policy Fellowships for Scientists and Engineers:
The second document contains a list of fellowships geared toward faculty and graduate students who are interested in utilizing their scientific and engineering expertise in the federal policy arena.  Lewis Burke Associates compiled this document to help answer questions on this topic from faculty and students and provide a view of the type of opportunities that exist for people to learn more about the policy world or to transition permanently to a career in policy or government.  (This document does not list every program in existence, but describes the range of program types.)

Download Federal Programs That Support Graduate Students

Download Policy Fellowships for Scientists and Engineers

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