Fall Newsletter

MPOWIR Mentor Group Registration:
Mentor Group registration is now open, to all women physical oceanographers based in the USA, in the early career stages from the final year of the PhD, through postdoc, and into the first couple of years in a longer-term position, in any career path. Groups consist of 6-7 junior women and 2 senior facilitators. Groups meet monthly via conference call and offer coaching, advice and strategies for professional success. The calls are also an opportunity for senior and junior scientists to share their experiences.

MPOWIR is now offering mentor groups with a particular focus. At this point, there is expressed interest in a group to facilitate discussion of LGBTQ issues, and groups that meet at unconventional times (i.e. in the evenings or on weekends) to better facilitate varied work schedules. We are open to exploring other opportunities, and welcome suggestions. These options, and your suggestions, can be emailed to sclem@uri.edu or entered when registering for a group.

Sign up will be open until October 12, 2018: http://mpowir.org/get-involved/mentor-groups/

Upcoming Opportunities
MPOWIR Webinars:
This fall MPOWIR will host the fourth webinar in our new series. The webinars feature subjects particularly pertinent to early career scientists, especially beyond the postdoc. While topics are driven by input from early career scientists, webinars are open to all genders and all career stages. We are currently collecting input on topics for future webinars: http://mpowir.org/get-involved/webinar-series/

MPOWIR at AGU Fall Meeting:
MPOWIR will help to facilitate a meet-up place to gather with other MPOWIR colleagues. Stay tuned for more details on times and locations. Please indicate your initial interest in joining a social event here: https://goo.gl/forms/SuNKFTNKRDv4ukF92

Pattullo 2019:
Mark your calendars for September 22-25, 2019 for the next Pattullo Conference. Registration will open in early 2019. Visit http://mpowir.org/get-involved/pattullo/ to learn more, and sign up to receive updates.

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