Cruise Opportunity – US GO-SHIP

There is an opportunity for students to participate in a coast-to-coast hydrographic cruise (~67 days duration) during the boreal spring of 2018 in the Pacific sector of Southern Ocean on the RVIB N.B. Palmer of the US Antarctic Program (USAP), as part of US GO-SHIP.

Deadline for applications (see below for details): September 22, 2017.

US GO-SHIP (Global Ocean Ship-based Hydrographic Investigations Program) collects data used by global CO2 and climate variability programs, among others. The website is Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO, UCSD) operates the NSF-funded portion of the US national program, which covers this upcoming 2018 cruise. The international GO-SHIP website is

US GO-SHIP pays all travel costs. It also pays student support costs during the time of the cruise plus the few travel days before and after the cruise, if and only if, the student is enrolled at a U.S. institution. Non-students can apply. However, they can only receive the equivalent of SIO student support.


  • 67 days at sea, USAP’s RV N.B. Palmer, currently scheduled in the timeframe 3/9/18-5/14/18 (Dates and ports can change during final ship scheduling.)
  • Port of Departure: Hobart (Tasmania, Australia)
  • Port of Arrival: Punta Arenas (Chile)
  • Chief scientist Alison Macdonald (WHOI)
  • The S04P expedition will occupy a zonal line along ~67°S from 168°E to 70°W with 4 short meridional lines onto the Antarctic Shelf.

We are seeking a total of 6 students:

  • 4 students for CTD/deck operations (typically PO background),
  • 1 student for LADCP operations (typically PO background), and
  • 1 student to assist with chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) analysis (typically chemistry background)

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