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MPOWIR Opportunities

  MPOWIR is pleased to announce several opportunities to get involved.  For more information on any of our programs and initiatives, please visit Please feel free to share this e-mail through your department or community listserve.  NASA MPOWIR Speaker Series: Applications

Pattullo Conference Workshop Report

The Pattullo Conference workshop report is complete!  It includes a summary of the conference, an update on MPOWIR activities, and results from an online survey of participants. Download Pattullo Report-final

TOS Articles

The March issue of Oceanography Magazine features two articles about the Pattullo Conference.  The articles are also available online at Download the article by Susan Lozier Download the article by Martini, Frajka-Williams and Mouw

Pattullo Conference Workshop Report

The Pattullo Conference Workshop Report is complete!  Please click the link below to access the file. Download Pattullo_Report_final

Pattullo Presentations

To bring MPOWIR and the Pattullo Conference to a broader audience, Silvia Gremes-Cordero, Erin Hackett, and Berit Rabe worked together to create a powerpoint presentation.  We are asking each Pattullo participant to present this talk to colleagues at their home