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MPOWIR is working to increase visibility of Physical Oceanographers working in a wider variety of career paths, such as industry, non-profits, consulting, and government positions. By the nature of academic training, MPOWIR participants have plenty of exposure to research and academic positions. However, finding connections to explore a broader array of career paths proves to be more challenging.

We are hoping to raise the visibility of diverse career paths by connecting interested participants with others working in a wide variety of fields. At this stage, we are asking for community input. Our first step is to collect names and contact information of colleagues with oceanography PhDs who are now working outside of academic and research institutions. We will then be reaching out to these individuals about their willingness to collaborate with MPOWIR.

Suggestions can be submitted through the link below, or emailed to You can also watch for updates on the MPOWIR website at: We thank you for your input!

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