Associate Dean, GSO Research – URI


Lead and grow the research portfolio of the Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO). Recruit, support, assist, and mentor researchers to build global, impactful, and sustainable research programs. Maintain expertise with federal, state, and all external sponsor agencies’ strategic policies, funding opportunities, and funding plans in order to position GSO to successfully compete for local, national, and international awards and research partnerships. Assume responsibility for the School in the Dean’s absence as directed.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:Responsible for the effective development, management and oversight of the research and research-related enterprise at GSO. Review, re-imagine, and update key internal processes to better align with external sponsors and auditors to eliminate obstacles and enable success for GSO researchers.Coordinate academic/research faculty and marine research scientist (MRS) recruitment, development/retention, and mentoring. Lead periodic assessment of research faculty and MRSperformance. Plan and execute recurring retreats and other professional development activities to grow the skills of and connections between GSO researchers and staff.In concert with the Dean, develop and implement policies that will improve research related retention issues.

Through strategic planning, develop new research opportunities on which the scientific and technical staff can capitalize. Coordinate and foster development of new internal and external institutional research programs and platforms including, but not limited to, interdisciplinary research clusters, research and computing centers, ships and research facilities. Lead development of such proposals where appropriate, and facilitate their implementation.Responsible for internal/external communication of research and research administration issues. Represent the Dean and GSO internally/externally as requested. Maintain effective working relationships with researchers and research staff. Act to resolve various research related issues as they arise.

Teach course(s) and/or conduct research in an area that will contribute to GSO’s capabilities.Assist in developing a responsive culture that promotes justice, equity, diversity,and inclusion, and liaise with the Dean’s Office staff, including the Assistant Deanfor Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion on new initiatives for recruitment and retention of research employees.Assume responsibility for recruitment, organization, and supervision of researchsupport staff.

Responsible for ancillary duties in support of other technical and research areas atthe Graduate School of Oceanography that do not interfere with primary duties. Conduct occasional domestic and international travel, as needed, in support of GSO research portfolio and portfolio development, as well as any research-based partnerships.Perform other duties as assigned.

Personal computers, printers and word processing, database management and spreadsheet software.


  1. PhD or equivalent degree in an oceanographic science, engineering, or related field.
  2. Demonstrated record of achievement appropriate for a faculty appointment as a tenured associate professor or higher rank.
  3. Minimum five years’ experience managing scientific, federal, industrial, or technological research enterprises.
  4. Demonstrated familiarity with field and sea-going research, laboratory research, and/or with related ocean technologies.
  5. Demonstrated skills in research leadership and mentoring.
  6. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with the various partners and sponsors of a research focused organization.
  7. Demonstrated skills in advocating for research interests at the federal level.
  8. Demonstrated skills and experience in strategic planning.
  9. Demonstrated strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills.
  10. Demonstrated proficiency in written communication skills.
  11. Demonstrated experience and dedication to integrating issues of inclusion, equity, and social justice in your work.
  12. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups/populations.


  1. Demonstrated record of scientific accomplishments in competed awards, publications, and/or patents derived from national or international research programs.
  2. Demonstrated ability to strengthen interdisciplinary research activities and to foster national and international research activities.
  3. Demonstrated professional experience interacting with and preparing materials for the media (including social media, public engagement, and science communication).

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