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The Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences at Rutgers University is seeking to hire a Non-Tenure Track Assistant Teaching Professor (NTT). The position will be focused on developing and then coordinating the newly approved Masters of Operational Oceanography. The Operational Oceanography program will provide hands-on training using cutting-edge ocean technologies, ocean/atmospheric models, and building networks. This training will meet broad needs associated with developing, deploying and operating the nascent Global Ocean Observing System’s (GOOS). This program will help train the workforce with a variety of skills capable of working together as a team to operate new observing technologies in frontier areas, curate the data flow, and produce forecasts with quantifiable uncertainties appropriate to inform decision makers. They will be faced with real data and imperfect models, and will be required to turn it into actionable information. For more detailed information on the departments and programs, please go to

Minimum Education and Experience – A Ph.D and appropriate post-doctoral experience are required. 
Experience in a wide range of skills spanning from moorings, gliders, physical-chemical-biological sensors, WRF atmospheric and ocean modeling is to be expected.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – The candidate would be expected to be able to leverage the extensive resources in the Department in ocean observing as well as numerical modeling.

Overview – The Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences has formed a 15-month Masters of Operational Oceanography. The new program is anchored by 8 new graduate courses that were approved by the Graduate School in Fall of 2017. The Masters program will welcome its first cohort in the summer of 2019. The course is slated to target 20 students in the initial years and then grow to a cohort of 20. We are seeking an Assistant Teaching Professor, non-tenure track, to provide an anchor teacher for the effort. Currently institutions in Indonesia have expressed interest in the program. We are seeking to fill that teaching faculty position, before the program begins to assist in development of the program and course materials.

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