Assistant Professor, Numerical Methods and Numerical Models for Coastal Hydraulics, University of Twente

As the current state-of-the-art hydraulic marine models are becoming increasingly complex we ask for a numerical modeler who knows the state-of-the-art engineering models as Delft3D, SWAN and XBeach and who is also a specialist in numerical schemes and CFD models to model tides, waves, sediment transport and morphodynamics. The Assistant professor will provide the tools to carry out numerical experiments in designing and testing Nature-Based Solutions. Moreover, this Assistant professor will work on more applied and/or detailed modelling, next to idealised modelling, bridging the gap towards specific solutions as e.g. wind farms, pipelines and sand mining. For a balanced composition of our team, we have a preference for a person having a civil engineering background.

Application deadline: June 18th 2019

For more information, see!/922101/assistant-professor-numerical-methods-and-numerical-models-for-coastal-hydraulics

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