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The Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium for Research and Education (LUMCON) seeks to hire at least one new Assistant Professor in the second phase of a multi-year faculty expansion. Candidates should have strong field-based research programs with notable research achievements, demonstration of or potential for funded research, and a commitment to education and outreach. Our research vessel fleet and proximity to the coast facilitate the use of a broad mix of traditional and innovative instruments and observational techniques to make measurements in many settings, from open-ocean to coastal regions. Specifically, we are looking to hire a physical oceanographer and/or chemical oceanographer.


Chemical Oceanographer: We invite well-qualified chemical oceanographers as well as scientists from the broader fields of environmental or analytical chemistry to apply. We are interested in scientists that address a wide range of fundamental problems in ocean and coastal sciences, as well as interdisciplinary research questions, using observations, modeling, theory, and laboratory experiments. Specialties of interest include but are not limited to: 1) ocean acidification, 2) marine inorganic carbon chemistry, 3) carbon cycle-climate interactions.

Physical Oceanographer: We invite scientists that address a wide range of fundamental problems in ocean and coastal sciences as well as interdisciplinary research questions using observations, modeling, theory, and laboratory experiments to apply. We specifically seek individuals with expertise in: 1) air-sea interactions, 2) decadal-scale climate variability, 3) coastal dynamics and circulation, and/or 4) oceanic-scale circulation with an emphasis on the Gulf of Mexico.

The LUMCON DeFelice Marine Center, located at the upper end of Terrebonne Bay in the Mississippi River deltaic plain between the Atchafalaya and Mississippi rivers, is in close proximity to numerous habitats including extensive marshes, estuaries, rivers large and small, and the open Gulf of Mexico. Center facilities include a seawater system, multiple wet labs, a racetrack flume, Doppler wind profiler, state-of-the art environmental chambers, extensive aquaculture facilities and toxicology lab, a marsh mesocosm facility under development, and a fleet of research vessels. In addition, LUMCON represents a consortium of universities and colleges across the State of Louisiana. Preference will be given to candidates who can clearly demonstrate a research program that maximizes the locality and research assets of the DeFelice Marine Center and the strengths of the consortium.

The position carries a 9-month salary. The initial appointment is for three years; following a review, the contract may be renewed for three more years. A six-year review similar to a tenure review is conducted for promotion to Associate Professor, but LUMCON is not a tenure-granting institution.


Submit electronic copies of 1) a letter of interest; 2) curriculum vita; 3) research statement; 4) education and outreach statement; 5) a statement of how your research program would use the location of LUMCON’s DeFelice Marine Center and its assets, develop collaborations with faculty at both the Marine Center and at consortium member universities, and collaboratively utilize the resources of the consortium member universities; and 6) the name, affiliation, address, phone and email address of three references to with the subject LUMCON FACULTY HIRE. Specific questions about the positions can be directed to Dr. Craig R. McClain, Executive Director, (985-851-2801).

Review of applicants will begin October 15, 2017 and will continue until this position is filled.

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